Canada continues to be one of the most popular places on the planet for people seeking opportunities for a better life. This vast beautiful country has some of the “most livable cities” in the world (e.g., Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary), boasts a highly-rated education system, offers excellent healthcare and enjoys an expanding economy, so it’s no wonder that thousands of people want to move to Canada. Although Canada is the second largest country on the map and rich in natural resources (such as oil, natural gas, timber and precious metals), it only has a population of 35 million people and lacks enough human resources to meet the demands of Canadian companies for experienced employees possessing the necessary education and job skills.


In order to keep its economy growing at a healthy pace and for other important reasons, Canada’s government has created several Canadian immigration programs, each of which has its own eligibility requirements. Some of the key Canadian immigration programs include the:


  • Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
  • Provincial Nominees Program (PNP)
  • Quebec-Selected Skilled Workers Program (QSWP)
  • Family Sponsorship Program
  • Caregiver Program


Through these various Canadian immigration programs, approximately 250,000 foreign nationals are approved for a Permanent Resident (PR) Visa to Canada every year. People who are granted a PR Visa to Canada are allowed to live long-term in this scenic country, may work legally or start their own business, receive free basic healthcare, attend educational programs, and apply for Canadian citizenship after living in Canada at least four years as permanent residents and meeting other criteria. Those who have been issued a PR Visa to Canada may also be able to sponsor eligible family members for Canadian permanent residency. There are additional Canadian immigration programs which offer skilled foreign workers a Temporary Work Visa and/or Work Permit which authorizes them to live and work in the country for a certain limited amount of time period and may give them the option to apply for a PR Visa to Canada later, after they meet the criteria.